Last Words

I'm a Fake / Art by Keizie / via deviantART

After my very first post, another blogger by the name of Corey Booth, author of ClownRhymes, liked my post. As always, WordPress recommended that I visit his blog to see if I’ll like his posts, too. I put it off for a long time, but ultimately, I did drop by his blog. That was a fateful day because I saw that he was starting a poetry challenge. Basically, the idea is that he’ll post a poem title, and he’ll let us write a poem for it. Then, he’ll select three poems that he liked, and he’ll ask his readers to vote for their favorite. Of course, the poem with the most votes will win.

I missed the first week because I saw it too late, but I promised myself that I’ll rise up to it this week. This week, we’re playing with “Last Words,” so here’s my entry:

Last Words

“I’ll see you later,”
he said to his mistress,
knowing that never ever,
will he be feeling her soft caress.

“Think of me while you’re away,”
replied the enchantress,
hoping for that fateful day
when he will fill her loneliness.

“Welcome home darling,”
said his wife like a 30s actress,
slyly smiling at her cunning
before finally becoming a murderess.

Such is the irony that we’ll see
when we look at the last words of these three.

Originally, I had planned a serious poem, given that the title has Biblical allusion. However, I wanted the poem to rhyme, so the poem went the other direction; it’s definitely not serious, and totally morbid. I know that I can do better if I really took time to work on a poem, but I haven’t written any poetic work recently. I just hope that you’ll smile when you read this.


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