Poetic Excuse

Shadow Creek, California by Peter Essick via National Geographic's Photo of the Day

While on my commute to the office, I got trapped in traffic jam. My usual 45 minutes to the office took me approximately an hour, and that made me feel that I’ll be late. Like any good employee, I notified my direct supervisor that I might be late. However, I didn’t settle for the usual text message because during my commute, I try to learn (or should I say relearn) writing skills that I have forgotten. This past two weeks, I’ve been reading Rules of the Dance by Mary Oliver, a book that’s all about metric poetry, so I decided to make use of the time that was wasting away to practice my iambic. So I wrote this:

Hello there, Mich, my dear.
How trapped in traffic I,
So I am texting ere
To let you know my state.
Simply put, I will be late.

In my mind, I was giggling despite the agitation of getting stuck in traffic since the quintain is – I must boastingly say – witty. Knowing my boss full well, I expected her to reply, but it took her a long time to do so. When I finally received her reply, it said:

Don’t fret! Write instead
Drabbles and tales of terror
As cars slowly go.

That’s why! She wrote a haiku in response! After reading the text message, I laughed audibly. I only realized it when I saw that they were all looking at me like I was a loon, but quite frankly, I couldn’t care less. I was delighted with the exchange of poetic talent that happened during that contrastingly gruesome commute.


4 thoughts on “Poetic Excuse

  1. Glerren

    Hi there! I saw your blog link at the Filipino Web Content Writers/Copywriters Facebook page. 🙂

    As for your little anecdote, I love it. It’s those little spins that we breathe into the typical and the mundane that makes everyday special. Personally, when it comes to poetic texts, I’m partial to couplets. Hahaha.



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