Rain of Horror

As I’ve previously posted before, I’m currently migrating my original stories into the Velociwritetor. There’s only one more story left in the Ivory Tower series, and soon, the horror stories will come pouring in — or out, depending on how you want to think of it. The horror stories will come out starting March 16, 2012. They’re set to come out in the wee hours here in the Philippines, so to my kababayans, I hope you enjoy the timing. For my international audience, I hope that the timing would be conducive for horror stories, but in my opinion, there’s always horror no matter what time it is, so it doesn’t really matter.

Most of these stories are inspired by real life events, and I tend to use the names of people that I know. Sometimes, I deliberately use the names of people that tell me about their fears just to really make the fear hit them hard.

I hope that you’re all excited because I am!


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