In the Mirror

Elevator by ~giaomo via deviantART

Mirrors are curious objects. According to the Chinese, they can be portals that can be used by supernatural creatures. That is the reason why in decorating a bedroom, a geomancer will always recommend that mirrors are always covered or hidden. However, what can possibly happen if a mirror is placed in a public place that always gets used by people — on an elevator perhaps? Obviously, creepy things can still happen when mirrors are involved due to the account of a young woman who saw a gruesome creature together with her reflection.

According to this woman, she was on her way up her office when the strange encounter happened. In the building that she works in, the elevator was decorated by mirrors on both sides. The mirrors faced each other, casting their reflection into each other in such a way that it created a mirror within a mirror within a mirror, going on and on indefinitely. It almost looked like a hallway.

True to her femininity, when the elevator door closed, she opened up her face powder and started retouching her makeup. She was busily powdering her nose when, out of the corner of her eyes, she saw something move. She then looked straight into the mirror and saw something that froze her with fear:

In the seventh reflection of the mirror, she saw a olive green, tall, spindly creature with horns behind her reflection. It walked ever so slowly, padding on the floor with silent hooves from one side of the mirror to the other, looking at all directions as if it was sneaking or trying not to be seen. With its green eyes, it saw her and immediately quickened its pace, stepping out of the seventh mirror reflection into the sixth and out of sight, taking care not to hit the mirror frame with its long, curling horns.

As the door opened, that woman didn’t know what to do; She wanted to scream. She wanted to run out of the elevator. She wanted to cry. However, all she can do is just to stare at the mirror, fright still coursing through her veins. Then, “Ting!” the elevator said, which brought her back to her senses. She tried composing herself but opted to go straight to her cubicle for fear of seeing the same creature in the restroom mirrors.

Could it be that the Chinese are correct about mirrors? Should we follow the geomancers’ advice and keep mirrors out of sight, especially in the bedroom? Perhaps, there’s some salt to this Chinese belief since anything can happen — even in a public area such as an elevator.


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