Gratitude Over Following

While working at home, I took a quick sneak peak at my blog, and I saw that there were two notifications from WordPress. One stood out: “March 20: Your best day for follows on “The Velociwritetor.” My heart that leaped like a flea that’s hungry for blood! Thank you to all the people who’ve followed my blog, namely guitar delhi, Robotic Rhetoric, stellamarr, TheCoevas Official, Camille, zendictive (Welcome to the new blog, buddy!), MesAyah, LediaR (Here’s to hoping that akismet won’t tag your comments as spam.), roger engle (Also, hoping to see your comments in the right place, not in the spam section.), Writing Jobs, dianedenise, thebettermanprojects, and ClownPonders (The very first person to follow my blog!). I’m really glad that you found my writing good enough to follow. Again, I am so grateful to you all!

And no, the title is not a typo. 😀


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