A Christmas Wish

Clean your room by ~Spica2041 via deviantART

It’s Christmas time, and a lot of magical things happen during this season. There’s that story about a stingy, mean, old man that was visited by ghosts. There’s that Glee episode where Artie, a paraplegic, was able to walk. I’ve even heard my mother say that most of her wishes come true during this hallowed season. These are all merry things, hence the greeting, but magic can also have its opposite, terrifying edge even if it’s the Christmas season.

Much like every normal family, Marvin celebrated Christmas eve with his family. He had seven younger cousins — four rowdy boys and three curious girls. In addition to that, he had nine nephews who had the same interest as he does, collecting action figures. Like all children, they were not able to keep their hands off the display and messed everything up.

This didn’t sit well with Marvin since he has an obsessive-compulsive personality. He didn’t like looking at a disorganized room, especially if it involved sorting through action figures and putting them back in the exact same arrangement that he preferred.

He didn’t have to wait long for his relatives to go home. Time doesn’t stand still for anyone, even annoying kids. Much as he got tired of putting his display cases back in order, he felt a lightness in his heart as he finished his sorting spree by placing the smallest scale Gundam figurine at the front of a Gundam army. Even if he was the only person awake in his household, he felt that everything was magical after putting things back in order.

“How I wish everything in this house wouldn’t change even in the slightest bit,” he sighed as he laid his head on his pillow.

Morning came and fortunately, or should I say unfortunately, Marvin’s wish came true. He woke up, but he couldn’t open his eyes. He tried listening for his mother who usually cooks noisily in the kitchen. Not a sound or smell in sight. The air seemed still, too. Everything remained exactly as how it was last night.


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