Virginia’s Mirror

After a long time of decision-making, Virginia bought a mirror. She felt happy when she got it home. While staring at it, she decided that it was awkwardly positioned beside her desk. She dragged it across the room, facing her bed. While shaking her head, she thought it better positioned beside the door, but it was too dark there. With a flash of inspiration, she moved it towards her dresser. Unfortunately, the stand snagged on a loose floor board, and it came crashing down. It broke into a trillion pieces, and she sobbed while saying, “That could have been it.”


2 thoughts on “Virginia’s Mirror

  1. Joe Pineda

    I love how the story follows a charming, simple narrative, almost like a children’s book. Even the conclusion seems that way, but the wording is so good that it stops you to think of all the different meanings it could try to convey, from the author’s point of view to the character. Very nice.


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