Hold on Tightly

Dark alley by ~peche80 via deviantART

Everything told Aria to hold onto her iPhone tightly, especially the wind blowing from behind. It carried the sound of swift feet on pavement. The street lamp, previously asleep, suddenly awoke to announce a long, thin shadow creeping behind her.

With a swoosh, the almost-robbery happened. Aria was ready, so she gripped the phone tightly. The snatcher’s hand just slid over its smooth casing. Not wanting to draw attention to himself, he continued running. She breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the iPhone.

The crack on its screen told her that she wasn’t really meant to keep it.

This post was inspired by a passenger that I sat next to on a jeepney ride last Sunday. It was already past midnight, and we were waiting for the jeepney to roll out. She kept on texting despite the fact that we were parked in an area known for snatchers. Then, the story hit me flat on the face as a gust of wind cooled me down.


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