One Good Reason

So close yet so far by ~0MiNuS1 via deviantART

His arms were spread as if he was about to fly while he stood at the edge of the rooftop. Standing a few steps away from him, Bea was trembling from head to foot. Her hands stretched out to him.

“Why shouldn’t I jump off?” he asked. “Give me one good reason.”

She paused for a minute. She battled with a million glib reasons that almost anyone will say to dissuade someone who’s about to end his life.

Simply and sincerely, she said, “I’ll miss you.” A tear slowly dropped from her eyes.

He turned around and took Bea’s hands.


4 thoughts on “One Good Reason

  1. Xander

    Hmm.. He take her hand and then they both jump… I think? Hahaha.. You always make me think everytime i read your post… Which i really like..


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