The Aswang Phenomenon: A Must See

The Philippines is rich in mythology, and I should know because I’m a Filipino. I can remember when I was still a kid. I used to beg my mother to buy me comic books that featured horror stories. Most of the stories that got published were about the aswang. It’s somehow hard to define because the Philippines is culturally diverse, but one thing is common: aswangs are malevolent. That’s why I was delighted to watch The Aswang Phenomenon, an in-depth documentary about the aswangs. It was written and directed by Jordan Clark, and you can view the full video below.

Because I grew up with this particular phenomenon, I didn’t see tons of “new” information from the movie, but I must say that I have intensively read, interviewed, and poked around Luzon to learn more about this mythological creature. What I could say though is that it’s the most comprehensive and relatively objective view of aswangs I’ve seen made by anyone since it explores all the aspects of the myth. I can vouch for its accuracy and even share some of his sentiments in clarifying what the aswang really is. For people who want to learn more about Philippine mythological creatures, this is a really good documentary to watch and use as reference for studies. Good job, Jordan!


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