Servant #1 – Promising

Every boy must have grown up with comic books. I say this since I’m also guilty of getting addicted to comic books, specifically those that deal with super heroes. I grew up reading Funny Comics and religiously followed Combatron until its very last episode. Then, I stopped reading local comic books since I didn’t find anything interesting enough to compare until recently. June 14, 2012 was the day when Servant, a comic book by Borgy Borgonia with the help of Gilbert Mansanto, was released. Since I’m a friend of the comic book creator, I got a complimentary code to read the very first issue for free! Coming from a jaded attitude, I didn’t expect much, but to my surprise, I found that Servant has all the makings of a fantastic story line since it packs all the powers, presents the plot, and projects character personalities well on its very first issue!

I guess that it’d be a cliche to say, but Servant’s awesomeness can be attributed to the awesome powers of Gabriel Barrion, the human identity of Servant. So this might be a spoiler, but he could fly; he is strong; he can also change his outfit while running! There’s a lot more, but wasn’t really born to give out spoilers, so I’ll leave you with a few hints. Think sky god. What awesome and terrible forces does the sky hold? Put those in your good, old Superman, and you’ll have Servant.

Now, when I downloaded the PDF, it was 31 pages, but it didn’t stop the creator from hooking me, and I bet other readers, since the dynamics of an exciting story was given smoothly. There’s a quick backgrounder of a deposed realm of gods, a survivor-turned-superhero, a rivalry, a possible love interest, a heroic feat, and a possible villain all packed in seamlessly. Not bad for 31 pages, right?

Most of all, what most endeared me to Servant is his personality. He’s that boy-next-door kind of guy who’s intelligent, witty, and quirky. Told in the first person, Gabriel seems to talk freely about himself and his past, but he keeps a lighthearted air about it with jokes and snarky remarks against his rival, who happens to be a very hot chick! Unlike your brooding Bruce Wayne or the ever-pleasant Clark Kent, Gabriel seems to be a happy-go-lucky guy that has his head screwed properly on his shoulders. With geeky banter on the side, I think that we could be friends in real life.

Need I say more to express Servant’s stellar performance on its first issue? The guy has cool powers. It’s already action-packed, and the guy is relatable. It really does show promise, and in fact, I already have a few good questions that I’d want to find answers for in the next issue. Is there a love triangle? What’s the supervillain’s powers? Why did Gabriel choose to call his alter ego “Servant”? What’s will the sexy Katsuko and Alexandra wear next? I hope that I’ve called your attention to check out Servant on DriveThruComics and buy a copy now so that you won’t get left behind!


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