Ironic Prefixes

Butterfly, Texas by Melanie Huff via National Geographic’s Photo of the Day (July 15, 2012)

Some prefixes are situationally ironic. As prefixes, we add them to the beginning of words. They make the word longer, a letter or more at least. Some of these prefixes include the following:

a- or an-  meaning “not” or “without”

in-, il-, im-, ir-, and non-, again, meaning “not”

However, magically, they subtract the meaning of the root word as in the case of these words:

asexual, anesthetic, invisible, illiterate, impotent, irresponsible, and nonsense

 It looks like in the world of these prefixes, 1+1=0. As a writer immersed in words, I think I now know why I didn’t do well in any of my math subjects.

This is another repost from Staring at the Sun


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