Drowned in the Glass by ~Dogsfather via deviantArt

I stared hard
at a glass of water,
wanting to drown
in the wisdom it shares
with the deep sea.

I closed my eyes
and drowned in darkness.
Always in the periphery,
lamp fish
with hypnotic lights swim.
I try to follow
into the throat of the deep black.

Pressure rose as I descended deeper.
My ears popped. My heart pounded
with dread of shades that swim
in the abyss.

Suddenly, I felt the feeling of mud
beneath my feet.
I have arrived at Atlantis.
I opened my eyes
and I saw myself
reflected on the glass of water.

I’d say that this is a continuation of the Great Migration of my earlier works. This poem was originally written on August 14, 2006, and I’ve posted this in one of my old blogs. I’ve revised it a bit, but essentially, I preserved the main imagery here. 


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