Rest When I’m Dead

I hope that this won’t sound like an excuse: I’m so busy to post anything new on the Velociwritetor. At work, I am training five subteam leaders and one returning tutor while keeping an eye on one QA officer. Aside from those tasks, I also need to pay attention to my own tutoring, so each day is packed with a lot of tasks. However, my work doesn’t end there. When I get home, I still need to tend to my mother because she just got back from the hospital. Weekends are also like that, but of course, I focus fully on my mother, so I hardly have time to write anything substantial every week. I hardly have time to rest, which gives new meaning to the phrase “rest when I’m dead.”

It makes me sad because I have so many things that I want to share. In my notes, I have two horror stories lined up, one of which is for a very dear friend. I also have several drabbles in mind; a mere 100 words but I can’t find the time to write them down. Since this — by this, I mean writing — is what makes me happy, I’m starting to detest each and every thing that makes me drop my pen, phone, or PC.

Of course, I know that I should not feel that way, so this week, I’m trying out a strategy. It looks like I have a very small window for writing while on the way to work, so I’ll try to use that time to type my stories. I have Evernote and the WordPress apps on my phone for writing, and I hope that they can help me accomplish at least one post per week for September. I’m not sure if I can do this alone, so I’d like to get help from you, guys. Could you please comment on this post if I don’t have anything published by Friday? I’d really appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks in advance!


4 thoughts on “Rest When I’m Dead

  1. the astronaut's ex-wife

    tough days, huh? you’ll get through them. posts don’t have to be long. even if they are not as substantial at this point, just write anything. in time, you’ll be back on track.

    1. Chad the Velociwritetor Post author

      Thanks for the encouraging words, ex-Mrs. Astronaut… errr did that sound right…? At a certain level, I know that, but for the love of writing, I feel uneasy with the idea of short posts — except for drabbles. I’ll keep meditating on it, though.


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