Thanks to Tardigrades

My mom is in the hospital for the third time in just two months. Her diabetes is really taking its toll on her body, and she is now suffering from congestive heart failure. Because of it, she has difficulty breathing and feels weak all the time. Add in the amount of money that we’ve already spent makes her feel worse.

As the eldest child and only son, most of the responsibility rests on my shoulders. I pay (or try to, anyway) for bills, process papers, and coordinate everything about her hospitalization. Off course, I also try to make everyone feel alright since my whole family is under stress, especially my dad who has not slept properly since last month. On top of that, I also have a lot of responsibilities in the office, too, like training, evaluating, and tutoring students. I hardly get sleep since I can’t help but worry about everyone.

The pressure is seemingly unbearable.

There’s so much on my plate right now, and I’ve nearly given up.

Thanks to tardigrades, though, I found renewed strength. What are tardigrades? I can go all freaky-science-boy on you, but I’ll spare you the details (and leave everything up to Wikipedia). The important part is this: they’re really resilient.

Tardigrades can withstand and continue living in extreme conditions. They can bear cold temperatures close to absolute zero, and they can also endure temperatures as high as 151° C. They can also be subjected to a thousand times more radiation and still be alright. Heck, they’ve also been brought into the vacuum of space and descended to earth still fine and dandy. They can also live in suspended animation for a decade without water. They’re really amazing!

After learning about those factoids, I came to realize that I should not give up, too. If tardigrades can do it — survive despite the harshest conditions — I could also endure the emotional, monetary,  and physical stress that I am encountering. That’s what’s giving me strength at the moment. Thanks, tardigrades!


2 thoughts on “Thanks to Tardigrades

  1. stevebetz

    Good luck with you mom and handling everything. That is so stressful. Try to be good to yourself now and again.

    Tardigrades are sort of awesome. I’d never heard of them before.


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