Citation Incantation

Coming from the Philippines, I am stricken with panic at what’s happening to all netizens. One specific issue that I’d like to point out is plagiarism. While we do own blogs, something within the public domain, what we write should and is our property. As such, we need to protect ourselves from copyright infringement. This could be a bloody battle, so aside from copyright laws, I encourage everyone to chant this incantation for blog post protection.

In this post and on this hour,
I call upon citation styles’ power:
Chicago and MLA,
Turabian and APA,
and all the ones I failed to mention,
especially agencies of copyright protection,
I humbly ask that you take a moment
to protect my blog from copyright infringement.
Should there be anyone who steals my words
please [insert curse description here], my lords.
As it is, so shall it be,
I give power to this decree.

Bloggers have been plagiarized brazenly. May this incantation ward us from all evil that seeks to use our posts for their own selfish deeds. If you liked this post and genuinely care for your own ideas, please share, reblog, or tweet this — with attribution, of course. Thanks!


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