Butter and Impotence

I’ve spread myself too thin like butter on too much… nope, not bread because that’ll mean that I’ve just grabbed the words Bilbo said to Gandalf. Since I’m leaning heavily on a vegetable and fish diet, I’ll just say that it’s like dropping just a spoonful of butter in the Pacific-ocean sized cauldron full of carrots, peas, and corn. I guess, you get the picture.

With everything in my life going south, not to the Haradrim, by the way, I’m forced to lie low on my writing and focus on real life. My mom’s in the hospital for the fourth time this year. Congestive heart failure. The office also needs me desperately, and I can hardly find enough time to rest or blog — again with this excuse. I do have a lot of stories in mind, but I really can’t focus on anything right now. The best that I can do might be sentences every now and then. I might also switch layouts to Runo Lite. If you think I should go for it — if I ever get to tinkering with my blog again — please drop your vote in the comments section.

Please pray for me, but please pray for my mom’s total healing. Thanks for understanding!

By the way, butter’s heavenly taste becomes impotency under that kind of dilution, or so I think. I just had to use the word for the sake of the people who clicked on this due to that word.


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