Welcome to a library containing my own writing. Through the years, I’ve dabbled into many genres, including poetry and prose. I can’t say that I’m an expert, but I’d like to hope that you’ll enjoy my offerings.

The Ivory Tower Collection

In 2009, I started a story about a little boy who was punished to live in a tower made out of ivory. This series contain stories about that little boy, his observations, and other tales that came about due to the creation of his Ivory Tower. Like all stories, I’d suggest that you read the very beginning, The Legend of the Ivory Tower. For a complete list of the stories, you could go through the Ivory Tower series tag.

Original Poems

I’ve actually started my literary writing through poems. My fourth year Filipino class conditioned me to write in my native language, which got me published in my college literary folio and won me first place in the university literary awards for Filipino. After that, I was drawn into English poetry, and hence, this section of my library. In the tags section, click on original poems if you want to sample some of my poems.

Horror from the Imaginagerie

Two years ago, I’ve decided to write horror stories. Mostly, I was influenced by Poe, King, and Dahl in writing, but of course, most of these stories are contrivances of my overactive imagination coupled with some real-life scenarios that I encounter. The stories that I wrote on my old blog are tagged Horror from the Imaginagerie, and I will keep on writing new ones, which you could find by using the horror tag.


Last year, around July, I encountered the drabble. Simply put, it’s a very short story that’s 100 words long. From my point of view, it allows the writer the opportunity to show something meaningful within a very limited space on the page. When I started this, I thought that this format would be easy and that I’d have a long list of drabbles to write, but no — no, no, no, no, no! It’s actually hard, but since I’m restarting it now, I’ll try to post every Friday since there’s an ongoing thing for it across WordPress, too. To filter out those tiny drabbles in this blog, you could click the drabble tag.

Inspiring Stories from the Loudest Heartbeat

When I first moved to WordPress, I encountered a blog that had a lot of insipiring and zen-inspired stories. Because of that blog, Zendictive, I started working on inspiring tales, too. I started in a blog called The Loudest Heartbeat, but I closed that one out when I started the Velociwritetor. I migrated all of the inspiring stories from the Loudest Heartbeat here, and like the drabbles, I continue to write inspiring stories in this blog, too.

So far, that’s my repertoire, but I’ll always continue to write new things, so please stay tuned. Thanks!


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